In This Corner - Second Article

by Paul E. Gustafson

It's too bad that these fellows who compete in what the military services classify as minor sports seldom ever get the credit they deserve, but that's the way it is and little can be done to change the matter. Nevertheless, these kids in such sports as basketball, golf, tennis, gymnastics and the rest, work oftentimes a great deal more than do the football, and baseball players who grab the spotlight. And very often each in his own particular branch goes sailing to the top.

Such is the case with Kenny Sailors, former University of Wyoming basketball artist who went on to make good with Uncle Sam in the Marine Corps.

That the San Diego Marines are proud of the Laramie boy who made good in Madison Square Garden, then in the toughest of fighting services, is attested by an article which recently appeared in the Marine Corps Chevron newspaper published at the San Diego Marine Corps base. The article follows:

Second Lieutenant Kenny Sailors"Highest of America's awards to amateur athletes is the James E. Sullivan trophy, so it was signal honor for Second Lieut. Kenneth Sailors, furlough officer and personnel adjutant at recruit depot marine corps base, to be included in the final balloting. He polled enough votes to finish seventh in a list that included each section's finest.

"Despite his military duties, Lieutenant Sailors found time to be key man on MCB's crack basketball team which skipped through 35 games to a flawless record last winter.

"Tricky, fast, a good shot and very much of a ballhawk, the former University of Wyoming star was sad news to opponents, meshing a total of of 225 points to become the team's second highest scorer. In 1943 his college play was good enough to bring him the "player of the year" Chuck Taylor award. He averaged 15.5 points a game in his senior year and was named on both the AAU and college all-American teams.

"Lieutenant Sailors devoted his sports efforts to basketball, baseball and track while in college. As a high school athlete at Laramie, he was good enough at end to rate an all-state football berth.

"He is listed in the Who's Who of American Universities and Colleges, was president of his class in 1942, and was voted the most popular male student three consecutive years at Wyoming. He is 23 years old, married and a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.

"Sailors record also speaks well for Ev Shelton, who last year tutored the sport at the University. Ev took Kenny in hand and made him what he is. And for further proof of Ev's ability as a basketball coach one need only glance at his record previous to his coaching at the University.

"In view of this, it is little wonder that the city of Laramie is hopefully awaiting word from the University athletic board of control that the sport will be returned to the campus with Ev Shelton as head man. The board meets tomorrow night."

From another Marine source, the largest camp newspaper published in the nation, we pass on another interesting commentary. The article as it appeared in the Camp Lejune, N.C. Globe, further publicizing the University of Wyoming follows:

" Unbeaten and unrecognized, the Marine Corps Barracks basketball team at San Diego completed its season recently with a marvelous record of 35 straight victories without a loss. The Leathernecks scored 2,017 points against 1,273 for the opposition.

"Lack of ranking opposition robbed the Marines of national acknowledgement, although they did score double victories over the University of Southern California and Dow Chemical, high-ranking AAU squad. Three major service meets were won by the San Diego athletes.

"Private Joe Fulks was the individual scoring leader, tallying 374 points in 24 games, while Lieut. Ken Sailors made 225 in 32 contests and Corp. Grant Denmark accounted for 249 in 28 tilts. Other varsity performers were Private Floyd Volkner of Wyoming and Charles Schroven."