It's Unanimous: Sailors Named All-American Again

Sporting News Cites Cowboy Basketeer

Kenny Sailors, who New York writers claimed put on a two night display in the Garden that was a combination of Sonja Henie and an ice-ballet, Sid Luckman quarterbacking and Leopold Stodowski directing a symphony orchestra, had another jewel to add to his collection yesterday. This time it was the tag of All-American as dished out by the Sporting News.

It just about made Sailors' nomination to all-American outfits unanimous. He had previously been awarded the outstanding player performance in the National AAU at Denver; was hailed as teh fanciest performer ever seen in the NCAA at Kansas City; and bagged the nation's most-valuable player award as handed out by the NCAA committee...He has also been named to numerous all-America teams including the Helms foundation outfit.

Sailors dons the livery of a marine next week. He will leave Laramie for Quantico Bay, Va., April 19. His stellar mate, Jim Weir, is already serving Uncle Sam at Ft. Benning, Ga.

Sailors' mates on the Sporting News all-star aggregation included Andy Phillip of Illinois, Charles Black of Kansas, Harry Boykoff of St. John's, and Otto Graham of Northwestern, spare.

Milo Komenich rated honorable mention.

"Sailors is just out of this world as a basketball player," the publication declared. "He has thing legs, wide shoulders and biceps and the long legs of of a heavyweight wrestler. He dribbled up the floor with one hand, using the other to direct his teammates. It can be said a man has beautiful hands, Sailors has them. Once at quarter-court he used these hands like a virtuoso and the Wyoming team responded to every move, Sailors was like a coach in action."

"Once during the Georgetown fray three men surrounded him, but he fired a pass right by their eyebrows straight and true to Milo Komenich who lofted it through the basket. Sailors stole passes, he faked his opponents dizzy and he sank those amazing one-handed shots from quarter-court. He didn't play any one man, he ball hawked and ragged the ball all through the season, dug it our of scrimmages and on defense he was superb. Time and again Sailors leaped high, reaching over a much taller opponent's shoulder to block his shot."


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