Newsweek Article

article from Newsweek magazine, dated April 12, 1943

Wyoming breezed in from the West, captained by Lilliputian Kenny Sailors, only 5-foot-six, between his Brobdingnagian lieutenants Milo Komenich, 6-foot-7, and Jim Weir, 6-foot-5. They had downed Oklahoma 53-50 and Texas 58-54 in the corn country and were out for Eastern blood.

The Cowboys got the range on Georgetown in the last six minutes. With the score at 31-26, Wyomihng clicked regularly for 20 points and turned a near defeat into a rout, 46-34, for the NCAA title.

The championship of championships April 1 was a riotous game of Cowboys and Indians. Sailors, a dribbling demon, outran Gotkin, while Cowboy Komenich hogtied Boykoff. But the Redmen made a Custer stand. They came from behind in the last 30 seconds to tie the score at 46-all. In the overtime the Cowboys casually poured leather through the basket and took the game 52-47. The Red Cross, wich netted $24,000 in gate receipts, could have used a plasma bank on the exhausted Indians.

So the West is best. Also victor of the National AAU champions, the Phillips Oilers, in two season games, Wyoming thus gained the firs undisputed bona fide national title, unofficial but absolutely waterproof and guaranteed by the Garden to be good for a year.