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Boquets to Alexander for UR Wins. . . Speary, Les McGowan Busy in Ring

by Matt Jackson

Unless another miracle is accomplished, the Varsity's basketball streak of 22 straight will be clipped tomorrow night by the giant Wyoming tossers. . . . The invaders, with decisive wins over Albright, undefeated LaSalle and undefeated St. John's, figure to too big and tough for our Boys. . . . In the starting lineup of the Cowboys there will be only one player smaller than 6 feet and that is the stellar Kenneth Sailors who is 5 feet 11 1/2 inches. . . . The rest of the lineup goes like this: Floyd Volker, 6 feet 3 inches; Lewis Roney 6 foot 3 inches; James Weir 6 feet 5 inches; and the husky Milo Komenich who is a mere 6 feet 7 inches.

*   *   *  *

Here is an excerpt from today's New York Times about the Wyoming tossers exploits in New York last night against previously undefeated St. Francis;

"Wyoming made most of its baskets from underneath with big Mike Komenich and little Ken Sailors producing most of the points. This Sailors was quite a boy during the first half. He is a superb dribbler and a fine shot and he made the most of his talents, tossing in four baskets and one foul shot for nine points, Komenich operation mainly from  the pivot, dropped in 21 points."

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Komenich, a big fellow from Indiana, the hotbed of basketball, is the lone foreigner on the squad, the rest of the members hailing from Wyoming. . . . "Ko" last year won All-Conference honors and is almost unstoppable under the meshes. . . . He makes most of his points off hte pivot paly and works with the speedster, Kenny Sailors, around the basket. . . . Sailors is rated one of the fastest basketball players in the country and last year was named the best shot in his neck of the basketball woods.