Sailors Stars in Cowboy Win

by Joe Cummiskey

As far as the NCAA basketball tournament is concerned, the Sailors has landed and has the situation well in hand. Before you get too confused let me hasten to explain that Wyoming University's cagers are the National Collegiate A.A. Champions and they owe it mostly to the dribble and all-around court savvy of a blond kid named Kenny Sailors, who picked the Cowboys up by their high-heeled boots in the Garden last night to outgame and  - more important - outscore Georgetown in the East-West finals, 46-34.

You'll get another chance to see this NCAA championship team in action tomorrow night - if you hurry. It is playing St. John's University of Brooklyn in the same Garden, for the benefit of the Red Cross. The winner of that one should qualify for the World Series, the backstroke in Hawaii, and Mayor La Guardia's discarded 10-gallon hats, because if that game doesn't decide once and for all the mythical championship of these United States, make mine bingo.

The crowd of 13,206 last night saw some tingling basketball for 30 minutes. But at the time there were 10 minutes left, Wyoming decided to show everyone why it came East. The score then was 31-31. Big Milo Komenich, Wyoming center, caged a deuce, and then Collins hit again. Milo hit again and again and Sailors added another and pretty soon it was all over - 46-34 - before Georgetown could take a deep breath and holler Hoya!

I started out to land on Sailors with my adjectives and I'd like to explain before the final whistle. This Sailors can do everything with a basketball but tie a seaman's knot, and given time and a chance to dribble two steps, he'd probably be able to do that.

Sailors was the hand who held the S.S. Wyoming together when everybody was figuring Georgetown was in. I think someone was holding Director Ned Irish from rushing onto the court to present the NCAA mug, but it was explained later he was just trying to make a  fast getaway to the box office to catch the early departures and sell them tickets for the Red Cross game.

It's enough to say that Sailors - also voted the most valuable player in last night's game as a sort of anti-climatic gesture - is quite a ball player, and if Georgetown had one who faintly resembled him the game might have been a few points closer.

I should open my big mouth about points today. By the way, where are you doing your shopping?

In closing, I wonder if Georgetown has ever heard of that old sea chanty entitled Sailors Beware?

Whatever became of the original letters, anyway?