Head of NCAA Compliments Cowboys

President J.L. Morrill has received a letter from Phillip O. Badger, president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association congratulating him on the winning of the national basketball championship by the Cowboys. Dr. Badger wrote, in part, "May I take this opportunity to express not only my personal congratulations, but also the official congratulations of the National Collegiate Athletic association to you and to the University of Wyoming upon  the notable victories achieved by your fine basketball team in winning both the NCAA championship and the Red cross benefit game? I have never seen finer exhibitions of basketball than the Wyoing team put on here in New York in both these victories.

"Everyone was impressed not only with the fine play of your men, but also with their magnificent spriit and fine sportsmanship. In the second half of the game with St. John's, and particularly during the last few minutes, they met with some heart-breaking twists of fortune that would have shattered the morale of any short  of the stoutest hearts, but they showed their true merit by rallying magnificently in the overtime and in winning "going away."

"At the time I presented the NCAA trophies to the team, I told both Captain Sailors and Coach Shelton to be sure to extend my congratulations to your upon their return to Laramie, but they were so excited in the time following their victory of a few moments before over Georgetown that I doubted whether or not they would remember to give the message. It was a rare privilege for me to present the trophies to the boys and in particular to award the "most valuable player trophy" to Kenny Sailors."

Among the many congratulatory letters received by President Morrill, was a letter from Maj. John L. Griffith, athletic commissioner of the western conference and secretary-treasurer of the NCA.