Coach Floyd Foreman

When Kenny Sailors was at Laramie High Floyd Foreman coached boys’ football, basketball and track & field.

Kenny says Foreman was one of the two greatest coaches he ever had – the other was Everett Shelton – his basketball coach at the University of Wyoming.

Aside from being a good coach Foreman also emphasized sportsmanship. Foreman taught his players to play tough but not dirty.

A story about Coach Foreman Kenny likes to tell occurred in the Wyoming state track meet Kenny’s senior year (1939). Kenny says that coaching track and field was not Foreman’s best sport, but that he was smart enough to know the basic tactics of winning.

The story came in the mile run. Kenny says he had run some mile races in high school but he was not a great miler. Nevertheless, he had determination and stamina. Kenny was up against the previous year’s state champion from the small town of Midwest. Foreman told Kenny to keep just behind this runner all the way – don’t pass him – until, “I give you the word.” (Kenny points out that in those days a coach could be out on the infield and get close to the runners). So, Kenny did just that. Then, at the right time, Foreman yelled at Kenny, “Take him!” Kenny passed this guy and won the event to become the new state champion.

Later, at the University of Wyoming, Kenny met the man he beat in that race. He told Kenny it drove him nuts hearing the short, choppy steps of Kenny just behind him. He couldn’t shake Kenny. Kenny never wore out. He kept coming. He told Kenny that when he heard Foreman yell, “Take him!” he knew he was going to lose.

Kenny says Foreman was that kind of coach. He was right in there with his athletes and always knew what to do. Kenny talks about Coach Foreman to this day. He has a lot of respect for his memory and is thankful for Foreman’s teaching and leadership.