Oral Histories

Kenny records some of his experiences for the archives at University of
Wyoming's American Heritage Center. (L-R) John Waggener, American Heritage
Center, Bill Schrage, and Kenny Sailors


Over a 20-month period from 2010-2012 Kenny Sailors recorded stories from his entire life.  These were hosted by the American Heritage Center (AHC) of the University of Wyoming.  Interviewers were John Waggener, an archivist at the AHC, and a friend of Kenny's, Bill Schrage.  These interviews cover 13 topics from Kenny's life up to age 90.  They consist
of 22 separate interviews - some topics required multiple sessions.  All the interviews, combined, cover approximately 25 hours. You can listen to all of these stories in Kenny's own voice


To see a full listing of the recordings, CLICK HERE