Career Overview

Kenny Sailors played professional basketball from 1946-1951. At one time or another he was the property of seven differnt teams. His principal playing time was with four - the Cleveland Rebels, Providence Steamrollers, Denver Nuggets, and Baltimore Bullets, in that order. He had short stays with the Chicago Stags, the Philadelphia Warriors, and the Boston Celtics.

Kenny had a distinguished professional career. He was popular with fans and journalists, but his achievements and skills went largely unnoticed in later years because he had: (1) played for only five seasons and then chose to retire in far off Wyoming and, eventually, in even more remote Alaska, (2) played for three teams which went out of business while he was still on their roster, (3) never played for a team with a winning record, and (4) played for only one team - Cleveland - which made the playoffs. (Note: In that year, 1946-47, Cleveland was 30-30 in the regular season - the best record of any professional team for which Kenny played.)

With Cleveland, in his first professional season, Kenny was 2nd in the new BAA in total assists and assists per game, and he was 9th in field goal percentage.

Two seasons later, in 1948-49. he was All-Pro (2nd team) with Providence. In that season he was in the top 10 in the BAA in six categories - total points, points per game, field goals made, free throws made, total assists and assists per game - not bad for a team which was only 12-48.

Kenny's career high scoring season was 1949-50 with the 11-51 Denver Nuggets when he tallied 987 points to finish 8th in the new NBA. That same season he also finished in the top 10 in points per game (17.3), assists per game, and free throws made.

Overall, for his five-year professional career, the statistical record shows that Kenny was in the top 10 in: (1) total points - twice, (2) points per game - twice, (3) free throws made - twice, (4) total assists - twice, (5) assists per game - four times, (6) field goals made - once, and (7) field goal percentage - once.