Diets, strength don't give players better spirit

letter to the editor written by Floyd Volker of Casper, Casper Star-Tribune, date unknown.


In regards to Dennis Durband's column "One man's all-time greats," concerning "yesterday's legends," July 3.

I agree that today's players are bigger, stronger, and perhaps faster than yesterdays - but better?

True, there were less of us to choose from, especially during the war years, but regardless of this, Wyoming did win the NCAA tournament in 1943 and beat St. Johns, the NIT Champions, that same year with mostly in-state players.

Despite the fact that most of us worked for our room and board, didn't have special diets, camps, videos, etc., and sometimes played games after driving all night to get there, we managed to accomplish more than any Wyoming team has since, against opponents as formidable to us, as the teams Wyoming faces today are to them.

So please, compare us if you will, but don't put us down. I still think Kenny Sailors could do anything any player can do today - and maybe better.

By the way, the center jump-shots between players went out in theĀ  '30s.