Cowboy Sharpshooters Present Big Problem to St. Francis Cagers

New York City, Dec 30 - (Special)

Two sharpshooting Mountain league basketeers are the biggest problem facing the St. Francis college cagers today as they eye their chance to gain a victory over Wyoming's barnstorming Cowboys.

They're slated to meet the Evertt Sheltons tonight on the famed court of the Madison Square Garden, and that brings up the question of stopping Milo Komenich and Kenneth Sailors, the Shelton spearheads.

These two cagers can score. Sailors, flashy dribbling forward, has scored 44 points against Duquesne, Albright and LaSalle quints, while Komenich, towering center, netted a total of 41 points against the three  eastern teams that the Cowboys have played thus far in their eastern junket.

Held to five points in the Duquesne game, Sailors came up dribbling and shooting in the Albright and Lasalle games. In the last two games, he chalked up 39 points, 19 in the former and 20 in the latter game.

Komenich scored steadily in the three games. He netted 15 points against the Duquesne quintet, split the cords for 12 counters in the Albright setto and plopped in 14 points in the game with LaSalle.

Big Jim Weir, guard, Jim Darden, Forward, and Floyd Volker, guard, can also score in the pinches. Between them, they have scored 46 points in the three games that the westerners have played.

Then too, Wyoming boasts two wins against one defeat to date in their eastern invasion. They lost to Duquesne 43 to 33, and beat the LaSalle college Explorers 56 to 32 and Albright 56 to 52.