Wyoming Sweeps Oiler Series 37-36

Komenich, Sailors Pace Game Scoring

by Roy Peck, Bulletin sports Editor, by Telephone from Denver

Milo Komenich and Kenny Sailors, a pair of real all-Americans, led Wyoming to a breath-taking 37-36 win over Phillips 66 in Denver last night before a packed house of 6,500 fans.

Wyoming's win gave them a clean sweep of the two game series. The Punchers triumphed 42-41 in an overtime period Tuesday night. Big six-foot seven-inch Milo Komenich hit the hoop in two fast baskets to win the game in the last three minutes last night after the Cowhands had trailed 34-33. Kenny Sailors was high-point man of the contest with 14 tallies, followed by Milo with 12. Bud Browning, 10 paced Phillips.

Wyoming took an early lead in the game on a pair of baskets by Komenich and another by Jim Weir. These, interspersed with charity tosses by Bill Martin and Fred Pralle, of the Oilers, gave Wyoming an early 6-2 lead.

Their dander up, Phillips hit a hot streak and ran themselves into a 9-6 lead. John Frieberger, six-foot eight-inch Phillips center, faked Komenich off balance and scored on a spin shot. Bill Martin caged a free throw  and when Fred Pralle hit, Phillips led 7-6. Bill Martin's bucket put Phillips farther ahead, 9-6.

Sailors Clicks

Kenny Sailors finally clicked for two points and then Jim Collins came through with a one-hander, putting Wyoming ahead again 10-9. Collins had replaced Lew Roney midway in the first half when Roney incurred three fouls.

A rash of foul-calling gave Phillips a 12-10 lead and McCracken, Clark and Browning hit from the free throw line.

Milo Komenich tied the score with a fast left-hander under the basket. Then Jim Collins rapidly becoming the hero of the crowd put Wyoming back in front again with a long one-hander, making it 14-12.