Article by Clair Bee

Even though Wyoming failed to take full advantage of its superior height against Georgetown, it still counted most in the 46-34 victory of the Western five over Georgetown in the NCAA final in the Garden last night. Georgetown made a game of it right up until that closing Wyoming flurry of four goals in 40 seconds by its customary aggressiveness.

Everyone had expected Wyoming to be a hard-running team, and its deliberation was something of a disappointment. With a team as capable as this one, something usually happens to bring this about, and I believe that Wyoming's inability to adjust itself to the officials' close calling of its pick-off may have had much to do with the developments.

Throughout the first half, Wyoming was called frequently for trying to pick off the second man of the Georgetown defense, and it made them over-cautious. They retreated from everything from then on. It was Kenny Sailors, a great little player who saved the situation because he is enough of an individual player to carry the load.

*   *   *

Georgetown made a minimum of mistakes for the first 35 minutes of the game, and that is why it was so close a battle. Then, when they lagged by four points with only a few minutes to go, they cut loose and made a maximum number of errors. That's when Wyoming ran away.

Despite the fact that Sailors got away from Billy Hassett a few times. I thought Billy played exceptionally well. He was against a tough man. Play Sailors close, and he has the speed and dribble to go by you with a great change of pace. Play him out, and he dribbles up to you, steps back and sets - and he can hit. . .

Captain Ken Sailors of the victors was again the best player on the floor, probably the handiest little fellow seen in the Garden all year. And, sad to relate to local experts, Harry Boykoff was only the third best tall man on the floor last night. Two Cowboys, Komenich and Weir, exceeding him. Harry had a tough load, since his two tall rivals doubled on him under his own basket, and outmuscled him under the rival hoop.

Komenich, pivoting nicely and shooting three pretty long sets, topped the scoring with eight goals and four fouls for 20. Boykoff, with six floor hoops and six fouls, notched 18. Even Harry's teammates, however, will admit that komenich looked better doing it.