Shelton Elated Over Cowboys

Roney Proves Solution to Teamwork;
Punchers Resume Practice Wednesday

by Wilson Lythgoe

Coach Everett Shelton was satisfied. That is a state of being which, in a coach, approximates mental perfection.

The Wyoming basketball mentor was thinking over his charges' victories over five topnotch eastern quintets, and, of course, the defeat handed them by Duquesne.

"I thought the boys played good ball," he said flatly. "Much better teamwork was evidenced, thereby making possible a powerful offensive."

Yes, Lewis Roney was the solution to the teamwork problem, which came to the fore in the Fort Francis E. Warren regiment games, and the Fort Warren all-star practice game.

Roney made his presence felt in every melee, except the opener of the barnstorming tour at Pittsburgh against Duquesne. He accounted for for 17 points in the remaining five games.

It wasn't the points so much, but the verve Roney put into the team floor work was what made his presence so noticeable. He has basketball sense and timing to an unusually high degree.

Sailors, Komenich AA-1

Forward Kenneth Sailors and Center Milo Komenich, of course were the AA-1 Wyoming performers in the eastern games. Sailors, Coach Shelton was told, is the best basketball player seen in the east.

Following the game at Rochester, N.Y., where Wyoming pummeled the Rochester university five 68-46, a professional basketball team representative wanted to sign up both Sailors and Komenich.

In the meantime, it appears as though Jim Weir has found himself. Weir netted 16 points against St. Francis in the fracas at Madison Square Garden, and racked up 17 more points against Lawrence Tech at Detroit.